Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last One I Promise!

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I am no longer single for the time being but still have plenty of time for music! I have been playing cajon in the post-punk project CCSG and playing loops and synths with Plastic Sky. I also just finished an EP entitled Get Happy.

I have managed to stay on that beam of being content and drama-free. So yes this means another Recovery CD! But I am already plotting out the next one which will be based around live samples of Lisa Moscatiello's acoustic performances to expand my range of topics.

In a departure from my usual schtick, I decided to do vocals on this one. I always get annoyed when people feel compelled to ask "do you sing?" when they hear I am a musician. I don't think men get asked this question! Most agree after listening to this CD, that the answer is "only with lots of auto-tune and FX!" Consider yourself warned.

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