Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today's Dirge

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The last sick day I took was in November of 2011 a few days before I quit drinking. That day I ended up coming up with a few noodles that ultimately evolved into two tracks on my latest CD Strings -- "Freedom Feels" and "Lament."

Yesterday my throat hurt as though i had been yelling/pontificating all night at a crowded bar. But then it occurred to me I don't do that anymore! This morning's ticklish throat indicated I am probably coming down with the summer cold that is making the rounds. So I e-mailed in sick. I don't mind being sick except that it sucks the joy out of smoking--which since i am a single sober vegan is the one cheap thrill i have left. No wait, I can still do music! So after finishing the season of "Orange is the New Black" I started mucking about with Audio Mulch. These are slowed down samples of Fred Lieder on cello with some self-indulgent tinkering.

I am really thankful for my job, my health, and my solitude. Tomorrow I plan to be back to work. Not that there's anything wrong with that.