Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Girls

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I used to cringe when hearing of British shows being adapted for U.S. TV until I was pleasantly blown away by the American version of "The Office." So I am actually looking forward to the prospect of an HBO rendition of the U.K. prison series "Bad Girls," especially since Alan Ball of Six Feet Under will be involved in the project. Bad Girls ran for 8 seasons in the U.K. The first three seasons featured a steamy relationship between Moroccan-descended / Scottish-accented prison warden Helen and butch inmate Nicki, and were carried by LOGO here in the states. My friends and I bought region-free DVD players so we could enjoy the mischievously diabolical antics of prison officer Jim Fenner and inmate Shell Dockley during subsequent seasons. The series' writers consulted extensively with prisoner rights groups so there was social consciousness to be derived amidst the campy melodrama. I hope the U.S. creators are able to do the show justice, so to speak.

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Anonymous said...

anxiously awaiting this series!!- bailey