Monday, June 22, 2020

Solitude is Bliss

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Wow! 2020 has been off the chain and we are only halfway through it. My heart bleeds for people impacted by illness, chaos, cancellations, and economic devastation but from a personal standpoint I feel very fortunate. As an only child I don't mind being alone for such an indefinite amount of time. I can work from home. I did have some event cancellations but the one gig I cared about I participated in via I love not having to pack up my gear and set it up and tear it down and make small talk at gigs. I tried doing some facebook live Arthur Loves Plastic DJ sets but they were abruptly shut down due to false flag copyright issues. I did an open mic on zoom as Sad Veiled Bride and sucked, but it wasn't as bad as if I posted images of my food. I do wish I could cook and sew so I could prepare meals that are less pathetic than Senator Warner's tuna melt and do something useful like make masks. I did get my craft on by scoring a Korg LittleBits kit on sale and modding it with filters and effects which I used for my gig:

This spring, I started a self-indulgent shoegaze project called Loopurr using a video game guitar controller with garageband on an ipad 1.

I also recorded a couple of albums:

So far I am not bored and not lonely. I do have a bit of a routine that can seem monotonous at times...wake up, pray, walk, WFH, play music, stream. Sometimes my dreams take place on zoom. I have also watched more TV in the past month than I usually do in an entire year. I love Kanopy but often end up watching guilty pleasures. I am enjoying life on pause and in no rush for the next normal!

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