Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nothing Latent Here!

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I LOVE EASTER!! I love the colorful candy and the bunnies and the happy ending when Christ is Risen indeed!! What made this Easter season extra special was an event greeted with so much promotional fanfare, it may as well have been the second coming: the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone!

Since this date coincided with another hyped release, the Apple Watch, i decided to order my phone online as soon as it became available and avoid the AT&T store. I must say it is thrilling to have this month's "it" phone though this is sure to be short-lived.

I ordinarily don't get this enthused about phones but one feature in particular was of interest to me: there were indications that the latest Android version, Lollipop, might have better audio performance. In previous android phones, there has been significant lag time between when you hit a note on a music app and when sound comes out. It is a delay measured in milliseconds, but has rendered android music apps useless for live performance.

In the video below I have hooked up a KORG NanoKEY controller via a cheap USB to micro cable to trigger notes in the awesome Android app Caustic. I can't hear any latency between the click of the key and when the bell tolls!

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