Friday, December 19, 2014

The best things in life are free!

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I am master of numerous domains for my music projects that also serve as sandboxes for my day job! My role as nonprofit online producer requires I be an autodidactic jack of all trades in a field that is constantly and rapidly evolving. I know enough to know I don't know enough but there is no shame in this as long as I give curiosity full reign and embrace learning new things.

I recently revamped a few of my websites and was stunned at the array of free and open tools out there. I will list a few here:

Free parking

If you just need to point your domain and don't want to pay for hosting, here are a few options:

Tumblr is more than just a micro-blogging platform for animated gifs. You can use it to host domains. If you can't find anything you like among their numerous free themes, you can roll your own. That is the approach I took with

Neocities is a revival of the geocities of the 90's. Except more DIY and no ads! They have a nice built-in text editor, but do not support folders. You can do custom domains though. This is perfect for simple static sites. I use it to host

Github, a repository of free and open scripts, also lets you host a free site and park a domain. It looks like a way to gain some valuable skills as Git trumps FTP! I forked One Page Scroll plugin at


Font awesome provides icons that are externally hosted. It is a font, so you just need to select the characters you want to use and apply the appropriate style based on their examples. I use Font awesome for the header icons at the top of this blog.

Google Fonts are easy to use! Just make a selection using their search tool, add it to a collection, and google provides the link reference for the head of your page along with the css. Lato (used here) and Open Sans are my favorites so far.

Recently my mobile app provider went out of business. I was willing to pay for a new app, but I couldn't find a service that created anything beyond generic mobile sites and I have to confess to some sticker shock. blew me away by offering FUN and FREE. Their builder lets you create multi-page apps from your phone. You can add widgets for videos and audio, images, text, and links via a drag and drop interface. I CREATED MY APP ON MY ANDROID PHONE WHILE WAITING FOR THE BUS. I am not shouting, i am just trying to convey how awesome Adsy is.

Jquerymobile is a utilitarian framework that keeps things simple. The best instructions I have found are at w3schools.

I use Slicknav to do those mobile hamburger style fold out menus (I don't even know what they are called!) It came in handy for my discography page--check out the top right hand corner.

Other tools

Codeanywhere let you set up three accounts to edit and upload files on your web server. It has a built in text editor for html files so no more edit and upload. You just edit and save!

I hope this information is helpful!

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