Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Long time no talk!! A year ago I decided to quit drinking. This has been quite a year and i remember all of it in exquisite or excruciating detail depending on the day--and each has been taken one at a time. All in all i believe that promises can come true. I love the new friends i have made, the slogans, the prayer and meditation. I still get depressed but I don't get sucked into vortexes. And when i say crazy things it is me and not the alcohol talking--yikes!

After a year in the penalty box I can start perusing OKCupid but after my first prospect threw out the topic of energy healing modalities I realized I am not quite up to this yet. But I am no longer alone. I am grateful! I even caught myself posting positive life affirmations to facebook!!!

I also am in the middle of doing something i swore i would never to do, which is put out a recovery CD. It is half done, and half-baked, but a work in me. It features vocals by Lisa Moscatiello, loops by the Window Shoppers, cello by Fred Lieder, and bass by Jon Nazdin.

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