Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Google Voice

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Long time no post! I had gigs and work travel yada yada. But one item I attempted over the past couple of months was upgrading my cellular communications. I bought a cheap unlocked QWERTY phone so I can keep up with my smart-phoning verbose texting friends without getting roped into a lengthy contract. Then I set up an account with Google Voice, which promises to transcribe your voicemails into text messages--a useful feature to have if you receive calls at crowded bars. However the messages are kind of cryptic, like foreign spam. Here are some samples:

Yeah. Hey, Bev. It's, Matt actually get the heritage and get them tonight. I thought of. We're supposed to be so give me a call back. I am now back. I'm just leaving you know where you normally work actually, so all B, E, A, Pensacola parking about half an hour. I hope you know. I think that for traffic. Our so. Anyway, hope to see you tonight. Let me know if it's search of January. Okay, bye bye

Hi Bev. It's, Paul scale unfeeling at assist you with Lee and attic. Leah rambunctious tonight and I hope you're enjoying our night Cabela's.

I have a chat emptied. Hope responding that trap.

Thankfully I am not paying for this service!

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