Sunday, March 29, 2009


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I love Woot! It is a site that offers one item up for sale each day. They routinely feature novelty surplus such as Homer Simpson USB LED Desk Lamps and six packs of Star Wars Bobble Heads but every once in a while will throw in ridiculously cheap netbooks and Flip video cameras to keep us coming back. No matter what is for sale, the absolute best feature of the site is its outrageous item descriptions. For instance, when iPod Touches were being sold, (and sold OUT by 10am), they were described as new and improved iPhones that that don't take calls:
But best of all (and unlike the iPhone), it is absolutely impossible for anyone to make a telephone call to this device. That means there’s no possibility of someone ringing me up in the middle of a YouTube exhibition and stopping the show right when the kitten is about to vomit, scuttling the perfect comic timing of the thing.
Another classic is the description for Disney Pix Max digital cameras that even provides cut and paste text for the purchasers they assume will turn around and auction their purchase on eBay.

Check out woot here! I look forward to it each morning almost as much as the Daily Mail!

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