Sunday, August 10, 2008

The World Unseen

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I missed the Reel Affirmations film festival in DC last October because of two annoyances: 1) boneheaded bureaucrats in Montgomery Country forced me out of my apartment because of a housing code violation and 2) I had to attend a work conference at a god-forsaken industrial park in Austin, Texas. In fact I spent my birthday at the Austin airport eating a pulled-pork taco. But I digress. This year I am making it a point to attend Reel Affirmations because there is a must-see film on this year's roster: The World Unseen. Shamim Serif wrote the screenplay and directed this film based on her 2001 novel. It stars Bollywood sensation Lisa Ray and the adorable Sheetal Sheth. Ray plays Miriam, an Indian woman living in 1950's South Africa in an arranged marriage who falls for the free-spirited Amina.

And if that isn't enough to look forward to, Shamim Serif has a second film in the works in which Ray and Sheth are coupled. This time the story takes place in London and Jordan. Read more about "I Can't Think Straight" here and watch the trailer, which features steamy scenes between the two actresses with Goldfrapp playing in the background. Yow.

UPDATE: Enlightenment Productions, Shamin Serif's production company, saw this post and sent me the following info:

"We also have theatrical release dates for both films in limited N. American cities; The World Unseen will be out late October and I Can't think Straight will follow soon after in November."
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