Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Brother is Watching...My Cats

I have been a little preoccupied lately because my cat is ill. She was looking skinnier than usual so I took her to the vet to be weighed. It turns out she has "fatty liver syndrome" from not eating enough. She has always been finicky and apparently for the past two months she has preferred to almost starve herself than eat dry food during the day. My vet refers to her as a "capricious eater" because she frequently flip flops in her food preferences and drives me crazy in the process. Fortunately her liver condition is reversible, but requires me to more closely monitor her eating. Thanks to the Panasonic wireless Pet Cam I can do this remotely. This amazing device connects to my DSL router and e-mails me images such as the one above whenever my cats trigger the motion sensor. My reputation as a crazy cat lady has been solidified.


Eli said...

Man! I need one of those.

Anonymous said...

that would be cool. my brother actually wrote a script to record sound in his house to prove (to a nutjob neighbor) that his dog wasn't barking while he was out. (of course, doing something like that really doesn't help when you are dealing with a nutjob.) if i had a camera system like that, i might have known when my elderly great dane was getting very sick in oct 2007. are you still happy with the one you bought? --sara

Bev S. said...

I am thrilled with this camera!!! I would recommend checking out the model just above this one that is audio enabled so you can scold your animal when you are seeing them doing something they aren't supposed to be doing. Now if THAT isn't 1984 I don't know what is!!