Sunday, April 15, 2007

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During the 2000 election I lived in Takoma Park, which for those of you outside the DC-area is like Maryland's answer to Berkeley. Eventually being surrounded by smug, self-righteous liberals wore on me as much as much as growing up amongst rednecks in Florida. I rebelled by putting a John McCain bumper sticker on my Festiva. Talk about an atomic-blast in a nuclear-free zone! Several people in the neighborhood approached my housemate demanding to know "who in your household is voting for John McCain?!?" Others probably lived in silent fear that their hermetically sealed enclave had been invaded.

At the time of the 2000 Republican primaries, the sticker was the ultimate anti-Bush accessory. But now, after seeing what a hawk McCain is these days, it must come off my car. NOW. Before my new anti-war activist neighbors escort me to the border of Montgomery County. But I am fussy about what to replace it with -- I don't want my car to be a forum for left-wing political sentiment nor drug policy messages in case I get pulled over by a law and order type. And it must complement my "In case of Rapture Can I have your car?" sticker.

The topic of McCain came up today because it turns out a web designer in Seattle who created a really cool myspace template learned that McCain's campaign was using it but linking to an image on his server, in direct violation of his terms of use. Hilarity ensues. Story here.

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